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munmas: I'd like to know when being East African became synonymous with Ethiopian, Somali, and Eritrean. When people describe East African girls, I feel that they tend to forget that Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and Madagascar are also part of east Africa and we are not all light skinned with soft curls. Do you feel like that is something that we should have a conversation about?


Yes!!!! This is something that we should discuss, I’ve noticed that people, especially those who fetishize East African women believe East African women are light skinned with soft curls and “white” features. This mentality erases women in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and Madagascar. It sets a ridiculous standard, that in order to be East African you must be Ethiopian, Somali, and Eritrean with light skinned, soft curls and “white” features. These beliefs are absolutely wrong and detrimental. xx -C





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